Expired Listing Boot Camp

When You Enroll Today, You’ll Gain an Unfair Advantage Over 99% of Other Agents and Brokers by Effortlessly Scooping up All the Expired Listings in Your Market:

  • 4 week intensive training for mastering the art of expired listings!
  • ‘Super Charged’ Strategies to ramp up your Listing inventory super fast
  • 12 point ‘expired listing’ script...so you know EXACTLY how to close the seller...
  • 106 Critical Questions’...the key q’s you must ask to help you seal the deal.
  • #1 Voicemail’... the ‘One and Only’ message to leave to get them to call you back
  • Rapid Resources Toolkit...everything you need to keep your listing pipeline filled.
  • Ultimate Expired Listing marketing plan...saves you time and money!
  • 12 outside the box mailers...that you can customize to your market.
  • 10 Live Recorded Expired Prospecting Calls...no guesswork, just repeat what I say!
  • ‘Stay on Track’ Daily Time Management System...for greater productivity and results...
  • Master Accountability System...to meet your goals and milestones
  • Seller/Expired Lead Intake Sheet - so you can track EVERYTHING...
  • Plus TONS more content to make sure you DOMINATE your market!

PLUS By Taking Advantage Of This EXCLUSIVE Workshop Offer You’ll Be Access To These 2 Incredible BONUSES:

Bonus #1 - Listing Presentation Mastery - LIVE from reCHARGE Step By Step Training On How To CRUSH Every Expired Listing Presentation You Go On! (VALUE: $197)

Bonus #2 - The "Outlaw Mailer" The Direct Mail Piece That's So Effective Your Competition Is Going To Wish It Were "Outlawed"! (VALUE: $497) Take Action Today!

Expired Listing Bootcamp

$297.00 USD