Meet Hoss Pratt

Hoss Pratt is the CEO and founder of Hoss Pratt International, the premier resource for agents and firms that want to take their business to the next level. This renowned coaching and training firm helps clientʼs build better real estate businesses and dominate their markets.

What separates Hoss from all other coaches, real estate trainers, and so-called ‘gurus’ is his ability to get results FAST. He’s presented over 2,500 live and online seminars in 48 states, knocked on over 200,000 doors, made over 300,000 prospecting/sales calls, presented at over 2,500 kitchen tables, and personally trained thousands of successful agents and industry professionals.

Nothing is more important to Hoss than his family. He takes every opportunity to spend most of his time with the love of his life, his wife, best friend, Mykanna, and their three young daughters. Kennedy, Piper, and Ivy.