Live Prospecting Calls


Overcome Your Fear Of The Phone By Listening To & Studying Carefully These

20 FREE Recorded Live FSBO & Expired Listing Prospecting Calls, Video Overviews
& PDF Transcripts!

When you know what to say, when to say it and you get over your fear of the phone... you gain the ability to take listing after listing with ease.

That's the goal of these recordings. No theory - no guessing - just real-life recorded conversations that will teach you how to convert more FSBO and Expired Listing prospects. This will save you many hundreds of failed calls and of hours of trial and error. Learn from my time and frustration - at a fraction of my effort.

  • Are you concerned about what to say to a FSBO or Expired Listing prospect?
  • Do you spend more time making excuses than making contacts?
  • Do you put all your energy into scripts and dialogues that never work?
  • Are you sounding & acting like other agents on the phone?
  • Do you feel you might be good at this if you just knew how to handle the calls better?
  • Are you always trying to “Sell” instead of “Interview” your prospects?
  • Are you willing to step up to the plate and commit to playing this game differently than your competition?
  • Are you willing to stop doing the same old thing and adopt a more unique & successful approach?

If YOU answered YES, then you will get a huge benefit from the Live Prospecting Training. Don't wait another minute go by... Take Action Now!

Call Boss Inside Sales Training

Hoss Pratt's Call Boss Training!Overcome your fear of the phone by listening to & Studying these 20 Recorded Live Prospecting Calls, Video Overviews, & PDF Transcripts! Take Action Now and Experience Success Like Never Before!

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